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Frequently asked questions

How much does Loper cost?

Loper is FREE to download on a phone or tablet device. Your child can also share their profile with you for no extra cost.

Where does Loper get data?

Loper compiles data from 1,000+ providers across public and private sources provided directly by institutions and by third party aggregators, like the U.S. government.

Can I see my child's research on Loper?

Absolutely. Your child can share their password-protected profile directly from their app to your email, phone number, or other contact method.

How does Loper protect data?

Loper has an opt-in data sharing policy. It's the first question students answer when creating their account. Students can change their preferences at any time.

How can I use Loper as a parent?

We always encourage empowering students to download and use Loper to guide their educational exploration. That said, you can download Loper and simulate your child's search too!

How many schools are on Loper?

Loper currently includes 1,800 four-year colleges in the United States. 2-year colleges, international schools, and alternative pathways will be added throughout 2024.