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Frequently asked questions

The basics

How much does Loper cost?


Loper is completely free for secondary educators, parents, and students. Our goal is to help students discover their best-fit education, and we want to break down the hurdles that students experience with traditional college search tools. Loper keeps our platform free for counselors and students by partnering with post-secondary institutions.

How does Loper protect student information?


The same way we'd want a platform to protect our information! Loper keeps student information safe on our own internal servers through best-in-practice encryption methods. Students must choose to opt into sharing any information off of the platform with a counselor, parent, or educational provider. When you create an account on Loper, you can learn more about how your information is stored with your permission to help you explore your fit.

What makes Loper different?


Loper is simple, engaging, and holistic. We don't think other search platforms provide that trifecta needed to support institutional fit. By using Loper, students avoid searching through dozens of books and websites. Loper encourages students to broaden their exploration by ignoring rankings and showing students the variety of things that matter to the post-secondary experience. Loper also provides this information to counselors through our counselor portal.

How can I download Loper?


Let's be real, Loper's built for phones. That's kind of our whole thing. You can download it free on the App Store or Google Play. But if you don't have access to a phone, you can also download Loper on a tablet, Apple computer, or Chromebook.

What do I need to do to create an account?


Accounts on Loper use two-factor authentication. To create an account on Loper, provide your name, date of birth, and either a phone number or email address to authenticate your account. After you create your account, you'll be asked to set up a quick profile with your preferences.

What types of schools can you discover on Loper?


Loper provides students with matches and information from over 50,000 programs public and private universities across the United States. Coming soon, we're expanding our platform to include the full suite of post-secondary options including two-year pathways and alternative programs across a student's full set of options.

I'm a counselor

Where does Loper fit into post-secondary readiness?


Loper helps students holistically explore schools and find their institutional fit. In this way, Loper may be used similarly to other search or fit-based tools. Many counselors also use Loper through the readiness track as a way for students to have quick access to their interests and corresponding option set.

How does Loper define institutional fit?


Institutional fit helps a student understand their compatibility to a school and program. Loper helps students first assess the most important requirements of their future education across core preferences and constraints. Then, Loper introduces students to the various components of school fit across dozens of academic and experiential categories, helping students holistically explore what type of program best suits them.

How should I use Loper with my students?


Loper has designed activities that can be completed alongside our app to help counselors and students throughout the college readiness track. Click here to learn more. Loper can also be used asynchronously to help counselors save time as students learn about the college match process.

How do I get them to actually sign up?


Loper's intentionally built to get started quickly. We've got plenty of activities, handouts, and resources you can use to introduce the app. Some counselors display a QR code on the screen to provide students an easy path to self-guided exploration. If you'd like to access these materials, let us know!

Can I use the app myself?


Absolutely! You can download Loper on devices just like any other student. We've also got you covered with your own version of the platform though. Learn more about how our free counselor portal helps you streamline your student support as they explore their options.

How does the portal help me?


The free counselor portal helps you streamline your college readiness and exploration model for your caseload. Have your students download Loper to assess their institutional fit. Students who join your portal share their fit assessments with you for you to quickly understand their success criteria. Think of having a full interests list when you start the school fit conversation!

How does Loper's matching algorithm work?


Loper gathers data from a variety of reliable sources, including the government, Peterson’s Data, the Living Wage Index, the Campus Pride Index, and the National Office of Postsecondary Education to name a sample. As students swipe, Loper's algorithm finds schools that match each student’s preferences. Students can view detailed information about schools without having to sort through all of that data themselves. As students complete more swipes on Loper, the algorithm refines its matches to guide students toward their perfect fit.

What age ranges best benefit from Loper?


Loper helps everyone from initial exploration to list finalization. For younger classes, Loper's engaging method of introducing core concepts and terminology help students get comfortable with exploration early. For juniors, Loper is a institutional fit assessment built for Gen Z as they consider their post-secondary list. For seniors, Loper provides detail to support application readiness and ensuring institutional fit throughout the admissions process.

Still have questions? Email us at hello@getloper.com